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    The New iPad.

    I took the plunge. It’s a combo of cottage device, photography tool and income tax rebate all rolled into one.

    Why I love it:

    • amazing battery power
    • you can’t go wrong with the size
    • the apps are fantastic
    • i could actually be productive with this, if so desired
    • the 3G is key


    • i do wish it had a webcam built in. This would be the perfect skype tool.
    • Multitasking - coming soon
    • better speakers —- they aren’t bad, in a pinch, but better would be better…
    • a dock extending cable… all my stereos have a iTouch dock…. i need a cable to allow me to use the iPad in these stereos, and no, I don’t want to use an Aux cable.

    I envision my self-control over app purchases being eroded away over time.



    TELUS and Health

    The TELUS Health division just makes me giddy. I don’t get to have much interaction with this team, not yet anyways. Whenever there is an article, an announcement or a release, I dive into the details to see what’s going on with such a compelling and timely solution group.

    A few years ago, I sketched out a plan that would see cancer patients receive a tablet type device with their diagnosis. In lieu of a really lame binder (which most get now), a tablet would keep track of their questions, answers, prescriptions, appointments, status, test results etc. You name it, it would be tracked, captured and available for review. The best feature of this tablet? A voice recorder. When you’re with your doctor, and asking hundreds of questions, imagine how comforting it would be to have the conversation recorded. I would expect that cancer patients have a lot on their mind. Trying to remember ever question and answer would be an impossible task. A tablet would become the most important tool a cancer patient can have.

    Maybe we have the tool now.

    With billions of apps, no longer do you have to rely on customized software programs that cost billions of dollars. You would have an app that does the prescription checking, and app that updates your *chart*. You name it, there’s going to be an app for it.